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Safety Reminders When Driving An Automatic Transmission Vehicle

  • Before starting the engine make sure the parking brake is applied, the A/T selector lever is at the “P” (Park) position, and the brake pedal fully depressed.
  • Always depress the brake pedal when shifting the selector lever into any gear position. Never put your foot on the accelerator pedal while shifting the selector lever from the “P” (PARK) or “N” (NEUTRAL) to any gear position.
  • If the lock button on the selector lever is always pushed or pressed, the lever may be shifted accidentally to “R” (REVERSE) position.
  • Never move the selector lever to the “N” (NEUTRAL) position while driving. A serious accident could happen since you can accidentally move the lever into the “P” (PARK) or “R” (REVERSE) position or you will loose engine braking.
  • Always keep your right foot on the brake pedal when shifting into or out of “N” (NEUTRAL) to minimize the risk of loss control.
  • If the selector lever position indicator blinks while you are driving, it is likely that a safety device is operating because of a malfunction in the A/T. Have the vehicle inspected by an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer as soon as possible.
  • Before selecting a gear with the engine running and the vehicle stationary, fully depress the brake pedal to prevent the vehicle from creeping. The vehicle will begin to move as soon as the gear is engaged, especially when the engine speed is high, at fast idle or with the aircon on. The brakes should only be released when you are ready to drive away.
  • Depress the brake pedal with the right foot at all times. Using the left foot could cause the driver movement delay in case of emergency.
  • To prevent sudden acceleration, never race the engine when shifting from “P” (PARK) or “N” (NEUTRAL) position.
  • Operating the accelerator pedal while the other foot is resting on the brake pedal will affect braking efficiency and may cause premature wear of the brake pads.
  • Do not race the engine with the brake pedal depressed when the vehicle is stationary. This can damage the A/T.
  • Use only standard floor mats prescribed by MMPC. These mats have the right weight, thickness, and cut pattern designed not to interfere with pedal operation. Always make sure that the floor mats are securely fastened on the floor by using the hooks of the carpet. Do not use another set of mats on top of the other.
  • Avoid placing bottles or any other loose objects on the floor that may later on roll and get stuck towards the brake pedals.
  • Avoid wearing slippers when driving as the straps and the sole may tangle on the accelerator or brake pedal.

Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for a more detailed guidelines and safety reminders when driving an automatic transmission vehicle.

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