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MMPC clarifies repair delays for flooded vehicles

Due to the significant number of flood-damaged vehicles coming in Mitsubishi Motors service centers particularly in Metro Manila and nearby Luzon areas, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has issued a statement explaining delays encountered in repairing these units.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Vice President for Customer Service Department said that “We request for further understanding from our customers regarding the delays in repairing their flood damaged vehicles.  Our dealers are doing their best effort to accommodate everyone and all of them are working in full force to avoid inconvenience to our valued customers.  Because the volume of repairs has already exceeded our dealer capacity, our dealers are now taking initiative to secure additional space to accommodate these vehicles.”

Mr. Zafra added, “We are always in contact with our principal, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) in order to expedite the delivery of our ordered parts especially for the critical ones.”  Critical parts such as electronic control units or ECUs for engine, automatic transmission, airbags and Mitsubishi Electronic Time and Alarm Control System (ETACS) are usually stocked by MMC Japan in very limited quantities.  To accommodate all the requirements of flooded vehicles will mean that these ECUs will have to be produced by MMC’s supplier and would usually require a lead time of around 2 to 3 months.

MMPC continuously monitors and assesses dealers to ensure that quality service and satisfaction will always be served to every customer.   To further assist affected customers, MMPC has also brought down the total repair costs for these flood-damaged vehicles by providing 40% discount on all ECUs (Engine, Transmission, SRS Airbag, ETACS), 30% for other parts (such as electrical parts, body and engine parts, maintenance parts), and a 20% discount on labor costs.

For more information, you may contact your nearest Mitsubishi dealer or call Mitsubishi’s Customer Service hotline at telephone number 658-0673, or you may also log on to

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