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Mitsubishi Motors Philippines registers six consecutive years of growth

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) recorded its 6th year of consecutive sales growth as it closed 2012. MMPC was able to sell a total of 34,915 vehicles which is 7% better compared to its 2011 sales of 32,603 vehicles. Meanwhile, members of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturer of the Philippines (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturer Association (TMA) reported combined annual sales of 156,649 vehicles, an improvement of 10.6% compared to 141,616 units sold in 2011. With this figure, MMPC registered a notable 22% market share, keeping its position as the second automotive industry leader in the country.

Aside from this six year growth streak, increases in several segments were also reflected in MMPC’s 2012 performance. MMPC bannered improvements on the sales of Passenger Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) and Trucks and Bus segments. Passenger Cars were impressively up by 93% with 3,214 units sold compared to 1,669 units sold in 2011. Meanwhile, trucks and bus also increased with double digits of 36% and 21% respectively. LCV modestly increased with 31,058 units sold versus 30,457 units sold in 2011.

MMPC’s remarkable sales performance can be credited to its continuous effort to provide the market with a refreshed and extensive vehicle line-up coupled by aggressive and attractive sales promotions. New models such as the Mirage and the Lancer EX 1.6 were also launched last year and in effect significantly reinforced MMPC’s presence in the passenger cars segment. With the new models’ highly competitive and class leading features coupled by its great value for money, the Mirage and Lancer EX were very well accepted by the market. The Montero Sport continues to be the best-selling midsize SUV as it tops its category with a total of 12,510 units sold. The ever reliable and low maintenance L300 Chassis Cab took 87.3% market share in the utility cab segment.

2013 is an important year for MMPC as it is celebrating its 50th anniversary in February. MMPC has a long heritage in the history of the Philippine automotive industry when it started way back in 1963 and produced models such as the Dodge Colt, Minica, Lancer, Galant and Mitsubishi light duty commercial vehicles.

And with this, MMPC is geared in continuing its legacy of providing vehicles of world class quality in the country. Likewise, MMPC will be bringing in more vehicles that will respond to the market’s demand for quality vehicles that are perfect for diverse lifestyles and needs. “2013 will be truly an exciting year for MMPC, as we will be introducing new additions to our lineup and at the same time several upgrades to keep our existing models more interesting to the market”, MMPC President and CEO Mr. Hikosaburo Shibata said. “Our challenge for this year is to sustain the growth trend and keep Mitsubishi a strong and trusted brand in the Philippines” Mr. Shibata added.

With this, MMPC is very much optimistic for this year as it plans to sell 43,000 units in 2013 or a significant growth of 23% from last year. This very positive targeted volume considers a full year sales of its all new Mirage at the same time banking on better supply conditions of its completely built up units such as Montero and Strada which are coming from Thailand. It can be recalled that MMPC suffered short supply of these two core models early part of 2012, due to the effect of the flooding in Thailand which happened in the last part of 2011.

Moreover, with the very favorable and robust Philippine economic outlook, MMPC is certain that Philippine auto industry will register another record breaking sales volume for 2013.

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