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Mitsubishi Motors Philippines participates in Meralco’s “Into the Future of eVehicle” Symposium

Participants inspects the i-MiEV after the symposium.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) presented its pure electric vehicle i-MiEV at the “Into the Future of eVehicle” symposium which was hosted by Meralco Power Academy together with the International Electric Research Exchange or IERE. IERE is a worldwide, non-profit organization which caters to executives and researchers who are responsible for electricity and energy related Research & Development and Solutions.

With the theme “Sustainable Development through Efficiency and Green Energy”, the symposium focused on latest development, application and challenges on electric vehicles or EVs both global and in the local scene. This was participated by students and professionals from the academe, local government units, automotive industry and private sectors.

MMPC’s Vice President for Marketing Services Mr. Froilan Dytianquin, presented Mitsubishi Motors leading edge in electric vehicle development at the same time provided participants a better view and understanding of the electric vehicles, particularly the iMieV. The iMiEV which was launched by Mitsubishi Motors in 2009, is considered as the solution to various challenges the automobiles faces today including environmental pollution, global warming and depletion of petroleum based energy supplies. He also tackled not only the history of electric vehicles as well as what is in store for Mitsubishi Motors EV development in the future. After the symposium, participants were given the opportunity to test drive the iMiEV.

MMPC is taking active part in promoting electric vehicles particularly the i-MiEV, at the same time creating awareness to care and protect the environment.


MMPC Vice President for Marketing Services Mr. Froilan Dytianquin gave participants better understanding of the electric vehicles.

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