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Mitsubishi Motors Philippines celebrates 50 years milestone

From left to right: Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss - SVP - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp., Kazuki Sugino - EVP, CFO & Treasurer, Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Corp., Taizo Furuhashi - Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Corp., Hikosaburo Shibata- President & CEO, Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Corp., Hon. Lorenzo Tañada III- Deputy Speaker, House of Representative, Osamu Masuko - President, Mitsubishi Motors Corp., Hon. Jejomar C. Binay - Vice President, Republic of the Philippines, Fidel V. Ramos - Former President, Republic of the Philippines, Yoji Sato - Sojitz Corporation, President, Mitsuka Kaneko - President & CEO, Asian Transmission Corp., Orlando F. Alvarez, Jr. - SVP- Marketing & Treasury, Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Corp., Masato Sada- SVP- Manufacturing, Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Corp.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC), one of the country’s leading automotive assemblers and distributors marks another milestone as it celebrates its 50th year anniversary this February. Having been able to reach 50 years in the automotive business is considerably MMPC’s greatest achievement so far. In fact, MMPC is the longest staying automotive company in the Philippines.

MMPC’s rich history of business dates back on February 20, 1963 upon its incorporation as Chrysler Philippines Corporation. Assembly operations immediately commenced on May 1964. Chrysler Philippines Corp. manufactured models such as the Dodge Colt, Minica F4, Lancer, Cimarron and Mitsubishi trucks. After 15 years, the name Chrysler Philippines Corporation was then changed to Canlubang Automotive Resources (CARCO) on October 1978. 100% ownership of CARCO was acquired by Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (MMC) and Nisho Iwai Corp. (now known as Sojitz Corporation) and the entire manufacturing operations were consolidated in the Cainta plant on 1985. On January 1987 MMC and Nisho Iwai Corp. formally took over and incorporated Philippine Automotive Manufacturing Corp. (PAMCOR).

On its commitment to provide vehicles that are of the highest quality and to be able to meet the market’s rapid growth and demand, PAMCOR continuously invested on upgrading its plant and manufacturing facilities. PAMCOR has been aggressively pioneering advancements in the different automotive manufacturing processes making its products superior and world-class in quality level. PAMCOR was even the first to bring the state of the art Japanese automotive painting technology in the country. A total of 200 million pesos was invested for the 8-dip Cathodic Electro Deposition Process (CEDP) primer system. The 8-full dip system assures a fully primer-coated body even the most difficult to reach crevices of the car body. With its pursuit to provide customers with vehicles of the highest quality, PAMCOR was recognized as one of Asia’s top 5 leading companies for Product Quality and Service. PAMCOR was the only automotive company to receive such prestigious recognition. On April 1996 MMC became the major shareholder with 51% stake of PAMCOR which eventually led to officially changing the company name to MITSUBISHI MOTORS PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (MMPC) on August 1996.

New models such as the Adventure was introduced on 1998 which instantly captured the market. With the success of the launch of the Adventure, MMPC was able to regain its number 1 position. On December 2009, MMPC achieved its 500,000th unit production milestones, making it the first automotive manufacturer in the country to reach such feat. The 500,000th unit production milestone is also the commencement of the local production of the Lancer EX. The addition of the Lancer EX to MMPC’s production line is a testament of MMC’s confidence on the local manufacturing and skills of the Filipino workers.

Last year a new model Mirage and the 1.6 variant of Lancer EX were launched. The intro of these new models expectedly strengthened MMPC’s presence in the passenger car segment. Thus, significantly increasing MMPC’s annual sales and market share.

After several decades MMPC proves to be among the country’s strongest automotive manufacturer and brand. MMPC was able to surpass all the challenges including the economic crisis in the 80’s and the Asian crisis in 1997 and also several natural calamities affecting the industry during the previous years. Through periods of recovery and growth, MMPC has expanded and has been aggressively pioneering advancements in the different manufacturing processes.

Today, MMPC continues to introduce models that are engineered to provide driving pleasure to its valued customers. MMPC now enjoys an extensive product lineup, which spans from passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks and bus. MMPC’s model lineup continues to grow strong with its latest models such as the Mirage, Lancer EX, Pajero, Montero Sport, ASX, Strada, Adventure, L300, Fuzion and Canter and Fuso trucks & bus. These vehicles proves to be not only world class but are also award winning. MMPC’s numerous accolades and recognitions it garnered from several prestigious award giving bodies such as Car of the Year, Auto Focus People’s Choice Awards and C! Awards are a testament of MMPC’s pride on its products.

Throughout the years, MMPC has been an active partner of the government in sustaining the automotive industry. MMPC has significantly contributed to the Philippine economy and has given numbers of Filipinos the opportunity to showcase and develop their skills and knowledge through creation of jobs. As of December 31, 2012, MMPC has 855 employees. Aside from these, MMPC also takes its active role as a corporate citizen through its solid Corporate Social Responsibility programs dedicated towards environmental and social initiatives. MMPC believes that the essence of the corporation’s existence does not only rely on the achievement of its business goals and targets but also in enriching the society through actively taking initiatives on improving lives of the people and working at its best to protect and preserve nature. As it marks half a century of existence, MMPC will further strive to deliver its commitments of providing driving pleasure through world class vehicles and service satisfaction to every customer and its shall unceasingly foster worthwhile social and environmental programs.

Asian Transmission Corp. celebrates its 40th anniversary

Asian Transmission Corp. (ATC) is also celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. ATC is MMPC’s sister company which was established by two of Japan’s largest conglomerates – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Sojitz Corporation in 1973. ATC manufactures transmission assembly units and component parts which are marketed not only in the country but are also being exported to other Asian countries. ATC exports to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. As of January 2013, ATC has already produced more than six million eighty thousand (6,080,000) transmissions.

From middle of 2014, ATC will start to produce a new six speed manual transmission (6MT) which is developed for Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s new generation vehicle. Annual production volume will be expected to be around sixty thousand (60,000) transmission assemblies.

Quality has always been the number one priority of ATC. In fact, ATC has more than four hundred ninety (490) highly trained and skilled employees motivated to produce products with enduring quality. ATC’s vision is to become the center of excellence and reliability in automotive parts production in the world.

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