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Mitsubishi Motors Philippines banners 2013 as a record-breaking year December sales and 2013 total sales highest in the history


Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) banners 2013 as it closed the year registering a total of 43,176 units sold. This historical achievement is the highest annual sales that MMPC was able to attain, breaking the record of 36,533 units sold in 1996. This feat also marks MMPC’s seventh consecutive sales growth with a growth rate of 23.7%, higher than that of the total industry’s growth improvement.

Another notable accomplishment for the year was MMPC’s December sales of 4,322 which posted as the highest monthly retail sales in the history. Meanwhile, members of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturer of the Philippines (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturer Association (TMA) reported combined annual sales of 181,283 vehicles an improvement of 15.7% compared to 156,649 units sold in 2012. With these figures, MMPC even surpassed its target sales and was able to attain a 23.8% market share modestly better than the 2012 market share. MMPC strongly maintained its number two position in the industry.

Aside from the remarkable and straight sales growth and success, increases on the Passenger Cars (PC), Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), and Trucks segments were also reflected in MMPC’s 2013 performance. With the locally manufactured Lancer EX complemented by the addition of the Mirage hatchback and the introduction of the Mirage G4 sedan during the last quarter, MMPC was able to fully strengthen its presence in the PC segment. PC sales more than doubled with 9,718 units sold or 202.4% significantly higher than the 2012 total PC sales of 3,214 units. Truck sales also improved by 28.3% with 788 units sold while LCV sales modestly increased by 5.1% with 32,642 units sold compared to 31,058 units sold in 2012.


Based on CAMPI data several models also made it to the top ten list of bestselling vehicles in the Philippines. Total sales for Montero Sport reached 14,683 units making it the bestselling Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) in the country. The L300 FB/ Chassis Cab and Adventure were also included in the roster of top ten LCV with 6,810 and 6,580 units sold respectively. The L300 and Adventure remain to be substantial models and are mostly preferred by small entrepreneurs and families because of the vehicles’ practicality, reliability and on top of that are easy to maintain.

The Mirage hatchback also managed to be on the top 3 in the industry’s bestselling passenger cars in the market with a total of 6,191 units sold.

MMPC’s sustained sales surge is highly attributable to the healthy financial and economic condition of the country. Despite several destructive natural calamities experienced last year the industry still managed to register double digit growth and register record breaking sales. MMPC also credits its robust performance to its diverse product lineup offering class leading features and value for money. Also, the aggressive marketing efforts coupled by several promotions and enticing bank vehicle financing programs contributed well in the sales growth.

The year 2013 is considerably one of the best and an exceptional year of MMPC. Last year, MMPC commemorated its 50 years anniversary – a testament of its strong presence and leadership in the automotive industry. It was also during that year when the much coveted “Car of the Year” recognition was awarded to the recently launched Mirage Hatchback. The bestselling Montero Sport was also awarded as the “Midsize SUV of the Year” in the Auto Focus People’s Choice award together with other models such as the Adventure, ASX, Mirage and Pajero receiving runner-up awards in their particular categories.


Given the healthy financial and economic conditions, entry of new players and expected aggressiveness of all brands, the Philippine automotive industry is expected to further expand in the coming years. With this, MMPC is also moving forward to new opportunities in 2014 and succeeding years. “With the overall local automotive industry demand forecast of 230,000 units for 2014, MMPC aims to sell 50,000 units or around 16% higher than that of 2013, Mr. Hikosaburo Shibata, MMPC President and CEO said. “This year, we are committed to double our efforts and to proactively respond to the market needs and demands as we continue to offer vehicles that will perfectly suit the diverse lifestyles of our valued customers and at the same time provide quality services that will always be synonymous to customer satisfaction”, Mr. Shibata added.

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