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Delivery of the Largest Order of i-MiEVs to Date Begins in Estonia


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced that it has delivered the first fifty i-MiEV new generation electric vehicles (EV) out of 507 units scheduled to be provided to the Estonian government.  The first fifty i-MIEVs mark the beginning of delivery of the largest single order ever taken to date for the i-MiEV.  On October 21 a ceremony was held in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, for delivery of the i-MiEVs where Mr. Andrus Ansip, the Prime Minister of Estonia and other Estonian government officials attended.

The provision of 507 i-MiEVs to the Estonian government was concluded between Mitsubishi Corporation and the Estonian government this past March as a part of an agreement to purchase 10 million tons of emissions rights*.  MMC plans to complete shipment of the entire order to Estonia by the end 2011 fiscal year.

The Estonian government plans to use the i-MiEVs in public facilities (in the field of social welfare) as part of its policy to popularize electric vehicles nationwide, hoping to reduce CO2 emissions in the country.  In addition, the Estonian government has already introduced subsidies for EV purchases and plans to set up charging infrastructure. MMC will work to popularize EVs in Estonia by providing technical support to the Estonian government monitoring CO2 reductions and planning to start sales of the i-MiEV to the public in Estonia this coming November.

MMC is currently selling the i-MiEV in many countries and regions all over the world, including Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and will start sales of the i-MiEV in the United States and Canada within the year.  In addition to Estonia, MMC is collaborating with other countries like the Principality of Monaco, Iceland, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand and others in their efforts to popularize EVs.

In addition, MMPC will hold a Buyer’s Week event from October 21 to 30 to make this promo truly unique and exciting for everyone.  On top of the Christmas Thrills offer, buyers may also take advantage of the irresistible perks and discounts when they purchase during the Buyer’s Week.  Montero Sport, Strada, and Lancer 1.6 financing and cash buyers are entitled to an additional P20,000 worth of discounts, while Adventure and L300 buyers will get instant P10,000 discount.  Total savings of P50,000 can also be enjoyed by buyers of Pajero during the Buyer’s Week.  Premium items such as 11″ Macbook Air, Ipad2 16 GB, and a 40″ Sony LCD TV will also be raffled to lucky customers who purchased during the Buyer’s Week period.

And for those who find these offers truly overwhelming but still having difficulties in disposing their current car, the Buyer’s Week event also provides trade-in deals in order to realize that brand new Mitsubishi vehicle.  MMPC will be giving P30,000 incentive over the appraised value of any car brand while P20,000 more or a total of P50,000 as loyalty incentive for those who will trade-in a Mitsubishi.

The Christmas Thrills offers are available at all Mitsubishi dealership nationwide from October 17 until December 31, 2011.  Seize the opportunity of getting huge savings and win exciting gadgets by coming to the Christmas Thrills Buyer’s Week event from October 21 to 30.

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